"How To Approach Anyone, Get Dates, And Create Exciting, Passionate Relationships... All By Being Yourself!"


So... How's Your Love Life?

Do you feel relaxed, capable, and confident?  

Are you meeting and dating the people you are most attracted to?  

Do you feel confident, powerful, attractive, and highly desired?  


Is it nothing like this?

I personally spent many years with a terrible love life because I (secretly) had terrible confidence. 

I didn't feel attractive, powerful, or desirable.  

I didn't have dates lined up on the weekends...ever.  

I would avoid the women I was most attracted to.  

If I did approach someone (which was rare), I would be pleasing and nice and nothing romantic would materialize.  

And so I spent a lot of time avoiding thinking about my love life, or feeling depressed about it... wishing and hoping that somehow things would just magically fix themselves and I'd find the love I so desperately wanted.  

Until the day everything changed...  

I decided to do whatever it would take to figure this out once and for all, and I did.

The secret to success in dating and relationships comes from having unlimited self-confidence.

The more confident I became, the easier it was to talk to women, the better they responded, and the more dates I got.  

The more I dated, the more attractive women found me, and the more I began to become the selector.  

Soon, I began to choose which women I wanted to date.  

I felt like I had the power. And it was awesome.  

And that's exactly what I want for you.  

Whether you are a man wanting to date women, a woman wanting to date men, or gay/lesbian or queer, it doesn't matter.  

The solution to your love life is not to be thinner, richer, or somehow "better" than you are right now...  

The most direct path to the love life you want is to activate an unstoppable inner confidence that will propel you forward to meet, date, and create extraordinary relationships with whoever excites you most.  

And that's exactly what we're going to do : )  



Of all the questions I get from clients, fans of my YouTube videos, and podcast listeners, the most common ones were always about dating and relationships.  

How can I talk with the women or men I am most attracted to? How can I overcome my fear to do this? How can I get good at it and get first (and second, and third) dates?  

And...most importantly:  

How can I become the kind of confident person who naturally attracts the people I really want?  

So I created this event to help you do exactly that.  

Over the course of 3 life-changing days, we are going to radically increase your romantic self-confidence so you see yourself as a highly desirable partner—the kind of person that someone would be lucky to date (or marry).  

You will also learn practical skills of how to connect, flirt, be direct, tease, and otherwise create fun and exciting connections.  

Because confidence is the key to massive success in your dating life. The more confident you become, the more attractive you are.  


**We are only holding this event ONCE this year, so now is the time to get this handled once and for all.  


Because in my experience, when this area of your life is NOT handled, you secretly feel inferior. You feel like a "loser", or as if "there's something wrong with me."  

I used to walk around with this feeling all the time.  

But once you step up, do what it takes, and become the person you're meant to be, the rewards are tremendous.  

Not just beautiful and interesting people responding to you, fun dates, and incredible experiences, but a whole new level of your life opens up.  

Come join me for a life-changing weekend in Portland, Oregon in October of 2019!  

Look below to see what others are saying about the intensives, and to find out what you'll get from the weekend. All the dates, times, and details are down below as well.

What Other People Are Saying...


Matt B. Oregon

Dave M. Ohio

Dave-Meindl Testimonial

"I used to think I wasn't worthy of friendships or relationships. I was terrified to start conversations or meet new people. Now I realize I can talk to anyone. I see that I am in control of my life, and it feels amazing!"  

"Dr. Aziz is one of the most genuine, authentic, caring people I've met in my life...he really has your best interest in mind for the rest of your life. And It's not just stuff that sounds good, it's stuff that works. Coming here is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself!"

"I got divorced five years ago, and realized I had to put myself out there, which is something I'd avoided most my life. I tried to push myself to go out, and even studied some pickup artist stuff, but that actually messed me up more than it helped me. Then I discovered Dr. Aziz. In the last six months, everything has turned around. I've actually had times where attractive women came up to hit on me! I also have taken things to the next level in my career. I'd avoided public speaking for as long as I can remember. As my confidence grew, I decided to step up and speak in front of my entire company. And I absolutely killed it. I knocked it out of the park. 

Talia P. Florida  

Surabhi G. New York  


No one knew this, but I used to spend so much time worrying about what other people were thinking of me. I would say to myself, “Do I look ok?” or “I should have said that differently!” I kept this to myself and it was hurting a lot. I thought the event was more for guys but this material is helpful for anybody, and I had the best weekend ever. It feels so good to have all that love for myself, to put myself first and to think now that I am that amazing person.

“This program pushes you to do more than when you’re just sitting by yourself reading a book at home, it allows you to feed of each other’s energy.” 


Paul H. London  

Ari F. Oregon 


“I started putting into action the things Dr. Aziz said, and it was like, “BANG”: immediate results. It works—it just works, and it works fast.” 

“If you’re ready to take that next step this is the place to really get the momentum to see results.” 

Master Dating Skills And Skyrocket Your Relationship Confidence

Over The Course Of Three Action-Packed Days, Learn How To:

  • Eliminate Your Fear Of Approaching The People You Are Most Attracted To So You Can Easily Start Conversations Wherever You Go.
  • Discover Exactly How To Flirt And Create Attraction So You Have Exciting Interactions That Leave Them Wanting More Time With You. 
  • Become Way More Relaxed Connecting And Asking Others Out, So It Just Becomes No Big Deal.
  • Eliminate Self-Doubt And Second Guessing So You Always See Yourself As A Highly Desirable Partner
  • Stop People-Pleasing And Approval-Seeking So You Can Confidently Say What You Want And Ask For What You Want, Without Shame Or Guilt.

Over The Weekend You'll Also Discover How To:  

  • Truly Feel Like You Are The Selector Who Is Choosing Who You Want To Be With.
  • The 3 Secrets Of Extraordinary Relationships That Get Better And Better Every Year.
  • Create Fun, Exciting Relationships By Being Your Authentic Self!

Event Details:

Dates: Friday, October 11: 9:00am – 7:00pm Saturday, October 12: 9:00am – LATE Sunday, October 13: 9:00am – 3:00pm  

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA  

Investment: $1,997

Our Policies

1. Cancellation Policy: This event is for people who are ready to take bold action and dive in to transform their confidence and their lives. It's for those who are ready to step up and commit to make powerful, life-long changes. If we're not commited, then change is impossible. If you're in, you're in. If you do not attend the event, you will foreit your $97 seat-saver deposit.

2. Be Real, Be You Policy: At all our events, we encourage people to be as real, authentic, and honest as they can. The more vulnerable and courageous you can be about sharing about your experiences, the more rapidly you can grow. You can take it one step at a time, and no one will ever force you to share, but once you get here, you just might find it's hard to stop.  

3. Play Full Out Policy: Transformation does not happen to you. There is no magic pill that can give you lasting confidence. But there are incredibly powerful activities and exercises that can help you break through faster than ever before... IF you play full out. This means you engage fully in all the activities and exercises in order to experience a profound shift in your confidence. 

Real People. Real Confidence Success Stories

Below are just a small number of the people who've shared how much they've gotten out of weekend intensives and working directly with Dr. Aziz.  

"This weekend taught me how to face my fears, break through, and take action. I now know I can do these things! Over the weekend, I made several huge breakthroughs: I approached random strangers and struck up conversations. I approached beautiful women and began conversations with them. I'm more confident already because I know I can do things I once feared."  

-Ryan Kailua, Hawaii  


"This weekend intensive was life changing! It helped me breakthrough my own internal barriers and truly own who I really am - an awesome, attractive man with so much to bring to the table. Dr. Aziz and his team are phenomenal and totally get what it feels like to live with social anxiety and what it takes to fix it."  

-Zabi Chicago, Illinois  


"After this weekend, I realized that the world is a friendly place. People want to talk with me. I had so many experiences of people responding positively, it blew my mind. I now know without a doubt that I can gain confidence!"  

-Simon San Francisco, California  


"Dr. Aziz is NOT a pick-up artist running a bootcamp on how to get laid. He's teaching people how to be their most powerful, authentic, confident, badass selves in the world. It's about knowing you are awesome, creating amazing connections with anyone, and being more bold in life. It's helped me tremendously in running my own business - from sales, to hiring, to decision-making. Dr. Aziz's guidance, support, and training has been life-changing."  

-Alex Los Angeles, California  


"Dr. Aziz is awesome! He changed my life. From social anxiety to social domination. From no-one-wants-to-hire-me to I'm starting my own business and have more confidence than ever. Thank you!"  

-Sean Los Angeles, California  


"I had a great time during the weekend intensive. It truly is a turning point in my life because for the first time I overcame my fear of rejection."  

-Steve, Ann Arbor, Michigan  


"In the weeks after the program I feel my confidence with women is still growing, I am much more at ease asking them out, my huge fear of their NO has faded. I have had some dates which in the past I just could not have initiated. For someone who had a life long fear of asking a woman out - this program, if you follow it to the letter, will give you confidence."  

-Eric London, U.K.  


"For years I was told to stop being so afraid and to be more confident... When I wanted to know how to do this no one could give me a definitive answer, until I found Dr. Aziz. What he taught me was life changing. I am now able to better handle failure and disappointment. I no longer hate or criticize myself when I fail. In fact I developed deep love and compassion for myself overtime. I have also increased my self esteem.  

This program is amazing! By applying the techniques I have been able to go from being unemployed and stuck in social anxiety to starting a new career that requires that you are constantly communicating with people. It feels good to be able to communicate confidently and effectively."  

-Seon New York  


"Before I met Dr. Aziz my life was stuck in a vicious cycle of repeating the same patterns that didn't work, over and over again. He taught me how to break out of the old patterns so I could assert myself powerfully in my work.  

I work in public health in dire situations in Africa, and if I don't speak up, then people die. Dr. Aziz has helped me confidently speak up and influence leaders to literally save people's lives. I would highly recommend this weekend to everyone that can take advantage of this.  

I came here thinking I wanted to be more successful at work, and I'm leaving inspired to be a better person."  

-Soji Columbus, Ohio  


"I was always shy growing up, and I've been that way since elementary school. I would get weird tightness and pain in my chest and I eventually hit a breaking point and I wanted to change. I wanted to be able to date and just feel more free in social interactions.  

Everything I learn from Dr. Aziz is so helpful. Everything from this weekend, not to mention, every article, podcast, or training program, all help me take action and do more of what I want to do in life.  

-Ajay Las Vegas, Nevada  


Confidence Is A Skill And Anyone Can Learn It  

No matter how long someone has been stuck, how much they've tried in the past, or how "different" or "broken" they think they are, it's all false. It's just a bunch of negative stories.

The truth is, anyone can dramatically shift their confidence levels in relatively short periods of time. They just need to be willing to change the way they think, challenge some old beliefs, and take new actions in the world.  

That's what worked for me, and what I've seen work for thousands of others.  

I would love to see you make the same transformation and join us on the other side. It's a lot more fun over here!  

Until we speak again, may you have the courage to be who you are, and to know that you're awesome.  

Your Friend,