How To Finally Stop Caring What Others Think, Start Speaking Up, And Confidently Be Yourself Around Anyone

Introducing A 90-Day Immersion Program To Skyrocket Your Social Freedom:

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In Just 90 Days, Imagine Being Able To:

  • Eliminate People-Pleasing Patterns That Keep You Feeling False And Stuck.
  • Start Speaking Up For Yourself In Any Situation At Work Or Your Personal Life.
  • Finally Stop Worrying About What Others Will Think.
  • Powerfully Say "No" When You Want To (Without Guilt!)
  • Become Less Nice, More YOU To Live Your Life, On Your Terms, By Your Rules.
  • Feel Fully Confident And Worthy Around Anyone (No Matter Their Power, Status, Or Appearance).
  • Experience The Joy Of Authenticity In Your Relationships, At Work, And Anywhere You Go.

Dr. Aziz has drastically improved my life. I was shy, quiet, incredibly self critical, stressed, and generally felt that my life was bland. I wasn't excited about the direction of my life and had goals that I didn't think I could accomplish.

I now feel internally at peace, am outgoing, and am excited to share my thoughts, opinions, and jokes with friends and strangers alike. I feel way more confident and powerful at work (which was one of the places that I felt most anxious). If you're considering working with Aziz and are willing to do the work that he recommends, I promise that you won't regret it.  

I used to see myself in a negative light and I felt limited in many different aspects of life. After working with Dr. Aziz, I've been able to hold difficult conversations, handle challenges more calmly and above all understand what it means to really love myself.  

I've gotten a ton of value out of the program, but one of the things I'm most proud of is that I've been able to confront and let go of issues caused by past trauma. On top of that, my friends have also commented on my social bravery and my ability to talk to people, so I know that other people are also seeing the results!  

What's Included In Total Social Freedom

In this life-changing 90 day immersion program, you will receive:

12 WEEKLY MODULES ($2,000 Value)

Specific video training and tools to teach you exactly how to skyrocket courage to boldly be yourself in any situation.


Discover blocks, transform beliefs, and receive guidance on how to be less nice and more you.

ASK DR. AZIZ - LIVE Q&A ($1,000 Value)

Each live session ends with an opportunity to ask questions and get direct feedback and guidance from Dr. Aziz.


You’ll get the exact steps you will take to transform your life over the next 90 days.


Get a new audio training each week to deepen your immersion by listening to it each day.


Discover exactly how to speak up without being too nice or too pushy in this bonus in-depth video training.


Connect with peers in the program, ask questions, and get ongoing support.


Get access to over a dozen video and video programs Dr. Aziz has created over the last 10 years.

“The results of this have been incredible. I have a competely different view of myself and I can do things I’ve never done before. It’s awesome!  

I absolutely recommend 100% anyone facing challenges with confidence to work with Dr. Aziz. It’s so powerful to be with others, to be in this environment, with this support system, it’s incredible. If you’re considering taking the leap, do it. It’s what you need. If you’re doubting it, just do it!

"When I met Dr. Aziz I was at the lowest point in my life. I was going through a divorce, my brother was dying of cancer, and my business was stagnant.  

Aziz taught me that the things we want to accomplish are on the other side of our fears.  

My business is now thriving. I’m the leader I’ve always wanted to be and I've grown my business 30% over the past two years.  

Dr. Aziz’s authentic way of communication encourages trust which allows you to let your guard down and open up so that you can rediscover the true you."

It's Time To Become Less Nice And More YOU.

Live Your Life, On Your Terms, By Your Rules

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A Sneak Peak Inside The Modules...

WEEK 1: The Headwind

  • Discover The One Force That Stops You From Enjoying Confidence And Freedom To Be You.
  • Get Total Clarity On How You Will Think, Feel, And Live When You're Totally Free To Be Yourself Around Anyone.

WEEK 2: The List

  • Uncover The Secret List That's Been Controlling You Your Entire Life (Without You Even Knowing It).
  • Discover The Real Reason You're Afraid Of Others Disapproval (And What To Do About It!)

WEEK 3: I Choose Me

  • Shatter The Old Stories That Confine You.
  • Finally Own Who You Are, Claim Your Value, And Confidently Enjoy Being You!

WEEK 4: Own Your Reality

  • Stop Looking To Others To Determine What's Right For You.
  • Feel Free To Say What You Want, Do What You Want, And Live Your Life.

WEEK 5: Reclaim Your Rights

  • Discover Exactly How You'll Live When The Fear Of Judgment Is Gone.
  • Finally Feel Total Permission To Do What You Want And Be Who You Are.

WEEK 6: Yes And No

  • Confidently Say No When You Want To And Need To.
  • Eliminate Guilt Around Saying No.

WEEK 7: Breaking The Rules

  • Uncover Your Internal Rules That Have Been Causing You Fear And Stress (And Burn Them!).
  • Enjoy The Relief And Inner Confidence Of Living By Your Own Rules.

WEEK 8: Handling Criticism

  • Eliminate Your Fear Of Disapproval, Judgment, And Criticism.
  • Become Totally Relaxed About What Others Might Say Or Think About You (aka Rock Solid Confidence).

WEEK 9: Criticism, Conflict & Disagreement...Hurray!

  • Radically Increase Your Confidence To Have Direct Conversations And Conflict When Necessary.
  • How To Speak Up Skillfully And Effectively In Any Situation.

WEEK 10: Ask Boldly

  • Eliminate Your Fear And Discomfort About Asking For What You Want.
  • Boldly And Freely Ask For More At Work, In Relationships, And All Areas Of Life.

WEEK 11: True Authenticity

  • Stop Hiding, Holding Back, Pretending, And Feeling Afraid To Be You.
  • Discover The 4 Levels Of Authenticity And How To Live As Your True Self In Every Moment.

WEEK 12: You Unleashed

  • Stop Feeling So Responsible For Everyone's Feelings.
  • Turn Down Your Filters And Let All Of You Out With Confidence And Joy!

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